Your Jewellery is Insured

Gold, Diamond and Silver Jewelry are of a Very High Value item in your wardrobe. We understand your bond with our eternal jewelry and for that all the items that are dispatched from our end are insured during their transit period. Insurance is a form of risk management towards uncertain loss and it also gives you assurance that the product will reach your doorstep without any damage.

In any case, if the products reaches to you in a damaged condition then ShaRatilal & Bros is obliged to refund your order payment via coupons but for that you have to comply with all the regulations in our Return Policy. We have insured your jewelry from the day it is shipped to the time it reaches to you. The terms and polices are standard and as per our Insurance partner tie-up. Considering your confinement in our firm, we will send only those goods which are in their best state as displayed on our website to you with protective packaging and complete safeguard during their shipment.