1. What if I do not find the piece that I wanted on the site anymore?. Can I still place an order?

Sometimes we do not have certain pieces in our stock. Or, it might have been relocating it to any other page. But if you really need the desired product, we will always try our best to help you get the same. For this, you need to get in touch with the customer care team on +91 9825108677

2. Is there an option of getting jewellery with different metal or gemstone that is not offered on sharatilalbros.com website?

For this purpose, you need to call our customer care team on +91 9825108677 and they will provide you with the choices.

If I lose my diamond certificate, can I get a duplicate one?

For just a price of Rs.500 excluding the transport cost, we can provide you with duplicate certificate. “Copy/ duplicate” will be written across such certificate. Duplicate or copy of the certificate for the product can only be made when the product is physically available to us.

4. Are there any differences in price of the products that are sold on this website and in other retail stores?

Due to different regional price of gold, there may be differences in prices of the products sold.