Complete Transparency

We believe that reliability of the customers can only be gained with the pillars of honesty and openness in the work ethics. And thus, we highly value the trust that you keep in us. So at ShaRatilal & Bros online store, we operate with complete ethics and present products with complete transparency. From the raw materials used to the price specification of every product, we aim to cover every aspect and make the website user friendly. To be more cautious of the customer’s satisfied experience we also dispatch a detailed invoice of the products ordered with the product itself. Beside the pictorial representation of every product we have mentioned a complete break-up of the total price of the product. All the charges which are included in the final price are mentioned in the price description to avoid any kind of discrepancy. All the details displayed on the website will also be mentioned in the invoice of the product ordered. A complete GST bill will be generated and a hardcopy of the same will be sent to you which can be later used as a proof of ownership of the particular jewelry. You can be rest assured that A COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY in invoice will be maintained while you purchase the products and the same will be honored by us for any future reselling purpose or post purchase queries and services. The products might look a size larger on the website. This is mainly because we want to showcase the best details of all the products in the pictures.